Sunrise Landscape Design

  • It’s 8:30am. You get to the office. You turn on the computer. 30 seconds later the screen is bright blue with lots of technobabble text.

    Tomorrow is payroll day.

    This is the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). It means something is suddenly seriously wrong with your computer. It could be hardware (something interal to the computer or something you plugged in to it). It could be software (an app you recenly installed, or a virus/malware). Whatever it is, you are dead in the water.

    After taking the computer offsite to test, we discovered a software conflict. We removed the offending software, ran security updates and other maintenance, returned the computer the next morning and the hardworking people at Sunrise got paid. They were so pleased with the work that they decided to hire us to refresh their aged but still-sufficient website which is currently in development.

    Sunrise Landscape Design