While the word “we” has been used throughout the site, there is really just a “me.” I just don’t like writing “I” all the time. The “He” that has the I.T. is me. Hello, I’m Corby Stephens, and I love helping people use technology successfully.

I’ve been doing corporate I.T. work of some kind since 1994 when I was asked to network a bunch of Macs together using phone wire and LocalTalk adapters and then build a database from scratch using a platform I’d never used before to be used on the network with a server I’ve never operated before. I’ve always been self-taught, learned on the job, asked when I was stuck, figured it out, read a book (before Google), honed my Google-Fu skills kind of guy, and loved every new challenge.

I’d love to connect with you and talk about your I.T. needs.

While I have not been employed full-time in IT every day since then, it has always been a part of what I’ve been doing. Here is a run-down of past and/or present clients, and places I’ve been employed with a short description of work done.


  • River City Church, Vancouver, WA. Present client.
  • Sunrise Landscape Design, Vancouver, WA. Present client.
  • Black Pearl On The Columbia, Washougal, WA
  • Back-2-Basics Chiropractic, Beaverton, OR
  • Summit Foods, Cornelius, OR. IT contractor 2015 – present.
  • Exchange Church, Forest Grove, OR
  • Toutle Christian Fellowship, Toutle, OR


  • King’s Way Christians Schools, Vancouver, WA. IT Assistant, Help Desk Teacher. 2016 – present. Pre-K through 12 school of 800+ students, 100+ staff and computers and devices.
  • Summit Foods, Cornelius, OR. IT Administrator, 2011-2015.
  • Crossroads Community Church, Vancouver, WA. 2015-2016 IT Assistant and Staff Pastor. 1996-1997, IT Administrator.
  • Medscape, Hillsboro, OR. Client database support. 2000-2002
  • USWest.net/Qwest.net (now CenturyLink) dial-up and DSL customer support. Beaverton, OR. 1998-1999
  • Calvary Chapel Bible College, Twin Peaks, CA. IT Administrator 1994-1995.


  • Oracle 8 DBO/DBOi – Database Operator, expired 2003.
  • CCNA and CCDA, expired 2003. Cisco Networking certifications for network operation (CCNA) and design (CCDA).